How Harry Giles’ Can Propel Himself Forward Prior to His Rookie Season

Uncategorized May 05, 2019
As Harry Giles prepares for the summer’s NBA draft this summer, the biggest challenge he faces is overcoming his injury history. Many believe Giles has a chance, if he remains healthy, to be an impact player in the league, potentially eventually developing into a perennial all-star. He has great size and athleticism, a high motor, and a strong skill set. He runs the floor like a guard, and plays above the rim. 
One NBA scout old Chad Ford via ESPN, "He's almost the perfect basketball player when you think about modern NBA bigs. If he can stay healthy, he'll have a chance at becoming a superstar. He went onto say, “But the knees will have all of us wringing our hands when it's June 22 and we are on the clock.”
Giles injuries date back to his high school days where.  He tore his ACL, MCL and meniscus in his left knee in 2013 while competing for USA Basketball, and then tore the ACL in his right knee during a Senior at Oak Hill Academy. He missed the first 12 games of his freshmen year at Duke while still recovering from his right ACL.
In preparation for his rookie season in the NBA, maybe the biggest thing that Giles can do to propel himself forward prior to becoming a pro is to eliminate any mental and emotional performance blocks still left over from his past knee-injuries. By clearing out and eliminating the performance blocks such as emotions, memories, images that still linger from past injuries, still being held on the unconscious, or muscle memory level, Giles could improve leaps and bounds prior to his rookie season. 
Players like Giles who have sustained similar injuries, will often times experience tentativeness, guarding of the injury, and lack of trust in their body’s far after the medical staff has cleared them to play. When players go through the injury recovery process and return to the court, they will unknowingly collect unconscious mental blockages due to the injury, ensuing surgery, or the subsequent rehabilitation process. The memories, thoughts, and emotions felt during these different stages of recovery can become trapped within the unconscious mind/acupuncture system of a player, hindering full recovery. Ultimately, this can prevent a player from improving on the on-court. The reason, when these blocks exist, a player will almost always protect or guard the original injury and may limit himself from going full throttle for fear of re-injury.
For Giles, his injuries have likely created similar blockages. This being said, sports science can now identify which unconscious mental blocks are holding an athlete back. Applying this process, could have the effect of freeing Giles up from past injury patterns to regain absolute confidence, trust, and rhythm with his body and in his game. 
By addressing and eliminating the root cause of these symptoms could help Giles’ free up his body, and restore absolute trust in his knee’s and legs. Doing so could enable him 100% confidence, and prime him for consistent optimal performance. Some past players experiencing similar injuries.
Example, Player 1:By clearing out the feelings, images, and emotions from two past ACL injuries, and a meniscus tear prior to his senior season in college, a player was able to free himself from his past injury history to lead his team in points per game, three-point shooting, free throws made, by averaging over 35 minutes per game.
Example, Player 2: Being stuck in rehab for 8 months after tearing his meniscus the year prior, the player took 6 weeks during pre-season to comprehensively clear out past unconscious blockages relating to his knee injury. Initially, not believing he would start the first game of the season, was able to start the first 11 games while significantly contributing.
Byneutralizing his past injuries, Giles who is projected as late first round pick at time of this writing, could get the chance to leap frog expectations, allowing him to put all of his considerable gifts into action over the long term. With the right process in place, it wouldn’t take long for the talented big man to begin to let go of any injury related impediments still standing the way of perennial all-stardom. 



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