Take Care Of Your Blind Spot - Exponentially Improve Your Game

Uncategorized May 08, 2019


To realize your highest career potential, it is imperative to gain clarity around your weakness(s), not only the ones in your on-court skill sets. 

But also, and more importantly, the weaknesses residing in your blind-spot. 

The blind spot = your unconscious mind, (or muscle memory), the auto-pilot mechanism, which either promotes or blocks your success. 

Held in your blindspot, can be performance blocks such as:  Thoughts, emotions, beliefs, or past experiences stored in the form of images, sounds and feelings which if left unresolved can sabotage your career.

All of us have pain points, or places within our lives that if directly touched upon by others, or through experience, will cause mild to extreme discomfort.  As players, these unresolved subconscious patterns make it that much harder to perform To Full potential, especially WHEN IT COUNTS. It’s the trap doors of your mind, if not resolved, that will open up at the most inopportune time and gobble up your ability to perform at your very best.

We all know those Bright stars, prospects and prodigies that experience a meteoric rise, who end up succumbing to their own inability to process, and Re-Focus the high volume of outside inputs coming at them all at once. 

From the outside looking in, we generally only see the unbelievable rise, and the devastating crash and burn scenario, and bringing these players to the ground. But what’s really happening is that massive upswing in experience is triggering those players pre-existing, unconscious performance blocks held in their blind spots making in near impossible to hold onto the upswing that they just experienced.

But what if you can avoid those pitfalls?  

Creating foundational processes for unblocking that blindspot of yours, can give yourself the best to chance to manifest your dreams. So that nothing, most importantly yourself, cannot get in front of your upward trajectory. 



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