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Uncategorized May 05, 2019


Across the NBA, teamsare always looking for an edge when it comes to improving player performance. From on-court skill work, film work and strength conditioning, to innovative methods such as virtual realityand analytics, finding a way to facilitate consistent improvement for players over the course of a season and a career is paramount. This is particularly true for the Nuggets, who are looking to claw their way back into playoff contention for next season and close the gap on some of the better teams in the West. 
However, in order to stay ahead of the Player Development curve, the Nuggets may want to take note of a college team implementing a cutting edge program. The Temple University Men’s Basketball team has employed me to implement The MindRight Pro Program, which identifies and removes unconscious mental and emotional blocks to improve performance, while also helping players recover from injury faster.
Despite the tools, techniques, and coaching processes currently being implemented to help players in the NBA, there may be one area that is yet to be fully explored. That is how unlocking the subconscious mind (muscle memory) of a player has the potential to substantially improve performance. 
When players struggle, inevitably there are mental and emotional blocks present which are
impeding their progression. Once these are removed, players have been shown to naturally elevate their game. Considering some of the statistical results MindRight Pro has been shown to produce, cracking the code to a player’s unconscious may very well be the next step NBA teams utilize for an edge. 
Temple Senior Forward Daniel Dingle enlisted my services this past season to help shore up scoring consistency and his decision-making ability. “To start off the season, I was a little erratic; I had some good games and some bad games. By the end of the program, I made better decisions and was more consistent scoring the ball,” Dingle said.
By going through a customized program, Dingle experienced improvement in several areas of his game. He scored in double figures in his first 5 out of 9 games to begin the season. After completing the program, Dingle did so in 20 of 24 games, a 28% increase in double figure scoring certainty per game. He also improved his assist/turnover ratio by 27%, with his free throw percentage also increasing from 63%-74%. Dingle’s case is not an isolated one, but rather, one of many case studies. Rauchbach has been working with players across the college and professional ranks and has been gathering data, which shows that significant results are being produced by approaching player development from this angle. 
Head Coach Fran Dunphy, said in a testimonial,  “The players Jake worked with achieved improved performance and leadership. For example, he prepared our point guard to improve his on-court leadership. Another player Jake worked with significantly improved his three-point percentage.”
The foundations of the program are rooted in my own experience overcoming health challenges as kid. He has combined holistic and traditional approaches to remove mental barriers for a player. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine based methods, along with skill-development based techniques are used to access and delete negative muscle memory from the unconscious is what makes the big changes.
MindRight Pro has been applied extensively at the college level, but I see the greatest value add for NBA teams with players that have specific performance issues, younger players with room for improvement, and players overcoming injury. Guys who are stuck and can’t improve areas of their game, young guys who have large room for improvement, or guys getting back from injury have been shown to really benefit from the work.
For the Nuggets, employing a program that gives them a leg up in the player development department would be valuable, especially considering the stable of young talent in Denver like: Gary Harris, Emmanuel Mudiay, Nikola Jokic, Jamal Murray, Juan Hernangomez, and Malik Beasley. All of these players possess varying levels of potential and differing weaknesses in their game. Considering the statistical improvement that the program has been shown to produce, it is not a stretch to think that MindRight Pro could be a valuable resource for the Nuggets.
The next big wave of in the NBA could be how techniques geared towards tapping the unconscious mind statistically improve player performance. MindRight Pro offers a leading edge approach to performance improvement. 
Jake Rauchbach coached at the collegiate level, founded The MindRight Pro Program and trained numerous professional and Olympic athletes. Now, Rauchbach provides high performance analysis on the NBA and college basketball and serves as the Player Performance Specialist for Temple University's men's basketball team



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