Do you need pre-game nerves to play well?

Sep 11, 2019

One of the worst things in the world is Pre-Game nerves! It is one of the single biggest ways for sabotaging performance. When you emotionally flinch so to does your game!

Finding a way that works for you to LET-GO of pre-game nerves is imperative for long term success when it comes to your career.

I think it is safe to say, we have all been there. The butterflies, weak knees, and for some of us maybe even the Bill Russell before the game (look it up!). 

In order to find your center and come cool ASF to the Tip-Off - You must find ways to access the flow of the game before you get in the game.

There a ton of ways to calm pre-game nerves, let's start basic and use your breath.

The Breathe has been used for thousands of years to calm the body, sharpen the mind, and improve overall health + And other things way more important than consistently knocking down jump shots in the game.

Use breath, to bring your awareness into the moment before the game. Doing this will begin to...

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Take Care Of Your Blind Spot - Exponentially Improve Your Game

May 08, 2019


To realize your highest career potential, it is imperative to gain clarity around your weakness(s), not only the ones in your on-court skill sets. 

But also, and more importantly, the weaknesses residing in your blind-spot. 

The blind spot = your unconscious mind, (or muscle memory), the auto-pilot mechanism, which either promotes or blocks your success. 

Held in your blindspot, can be performance blocks such as:  Thoughts, emotions, beliefs, or past experiences stored in the form of images, sounds and feelings which if left unresolved can sabotage your career.

All of us have pain points, or places within our lives that if directly touched upon by others, or through experience, will cause mild to extreme discomfort.  As players, these unresolved subconscious patterns make it that much harder to perform To Full potential, especially WHEN IT COUNTS. It’s the trap doors of your mind, if not resolved, that will open up at the most inopportune time...

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How To Break Players Out of Slumps Fast

May 07, 2019

What is a slump? Why do players go through them? How can a player break out of a slump fast? 
Slumps are the outer manifestation of an athlete’s inner imbalance on the deep unconscious level. Their muscle memory, reactionary performance, or instincts become misaligned with the conscious focus of performing at a high level and when left unaddressed, a player’s performance will suffer.
Take a computer for example. It can become bogged down when cookies, mal-ware, or viruses from past web history log up and hinder the computer’s operating system, ultimately affecting the computer’s performance. The same thing happens with players who go through slumps. A player’s unconscious mind or muscle memory can be become imbalanced by the thoughts, emotions, and images from paston and off-court experiences. These thoughts, emotions, and images generally, are naturally processed out of a player’s psyche, but sometimes when they are...
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How To Break Russell Westbrook Out Of His Shooting Slump

May 06, 2019

What’s behind Russell Westbrook’s shooting struggles? This season, Westbrook is shooting 24.9% from the three-point, 65.6% from the free throw line, the lowest averages of his career in both categories. Over the last three seasons, Westbrook’s Free Throw and Three Point percentages have declined year-over-year. 
But why? What in the world is causing Westbrook, a sure fire Hall Of Famer, to slump his shooting percentages so badly? Let’s take a deep dive on what’s really going on.
Watching Westbrook before the game reminds you of a Broadway actor, and or singer about to go on stage to perform. His constant movement before the game, non-stop talking, moving, yelling, hand shakes, dances, ARE TO BUILD HIS ENERGY AND MOMENTUM into performance so high that he rolls effortlessly (WITHOUT thinking or trying) into strong shooting and overall performance. In the past this has worked, and to a very large degree the way he approaches his...
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How Andre Drummond Can Drastically Improve His Free Throw Percentage

May 05, 2019
Andre Drummond’s free throw struggles have been well documented.  Despite his spectacular rebounding production, especially on the offensive boards over his time in the NBA, Drummond’s Achilles heel dating back to his days at UCONN has been his free throw shooting. With Drummond shooting 35.5%, the lowest mark in NBA history last season, Coach Stan Van Gundy and the Pistons’ organization made it a priority to provide Drummond every tool possible to help him overcome his free throw challenges. 
Prior to the 2016-2017 season, Drummond and the Pistons employed shooting expert Dave Hopla for mechanics and virtual reality technology for the mental blocks associated with his challenges. This season, these techniques seemed to create an initial bump in Drummond’s free throw percentage. However, month-over-month since November, Drummond’s numbers have trended downwards, with him shooting 47% in November, compared to 26%...
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How Harry Giles’ Can Propel Himself Forward Prior to His Rookie Season

May 05, 2019
As Harry Giles prepares for the summer’s NBA draft this summer, the biggest challenge he faces is overcoming his injury history. Many believe Giles has a chance, if he remains healthy, to be an impact player in the league, potentially eventually developing into a perennial all-star. He has great size and athleticism, a high motor, and a strong skill set. He runs the floor like a guard, and plays above the rim. 
One NBA scout old Chad Ford via ESPN, "He's almost the perfect basketball player when you think about modern NBA bigs. If he can stay healthy, he'll have a chance at becoming a superstar. He went onto say, “But the knees will have all of us wringing our hands when it's June 22 and we are on the clock.”
Giles injuries date back to his high school days where.  He tore his ACL, MCL and meniscus in his left knee in 2013 while competing for USA Basketball, and then tore the ACL in his right knee during a Senior at...
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The MindRight Pro Program Is The Next Level In Player Development

May 05, 2019


Across the NBA, teamsare always looking for an edge when it comes to improving player performance. From on-court skill work, film work and strength conditioning, to innovative methods such as virtual realityand analytics, finding a way to facilitate consistent improvement for players over the course of a season and a career is paramount. This is particularly true for the Nuggets, who are looking to claw their way back into playoff contention for next season and close the gap on some of the better teams in the West. 
However, in order to stay ahead of the Player Development curve, the Nuggets may want to take note of a college team implementing a cutting edge program. The Temple University Men’s Basketball team has employed me to implement The MindRight Pro Program, which identifies and removes unconscious mental and emotional blocks to improve performance, while also helping players recover from injury faster.
Despite the...
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